Though there is an increase in the gender ratio of women with respect to men, but gender inequalities still prevails. The Indian Government is planning to take steps to bridge this gap.

The centre is introducing Aadhaar-linked health cards to get free health checkups and cashless medical facilities for pregnant women.

A national policy for women is going to be constructed, proposes that single women will get the benefit of lower rate of income tax. They also proposed exemption of tax to ensure easy & affordable accessibility of all menstrual hygiene products. More public toilets for Women should be constructed has been suggested. It also adds, free medical & legal support, along with counselling and shelter should be provided to Gender-Based violence survivors.

The policy also marks some steps as urgent action like: comprehensive health insurance, free health check-ups for anemia & cancers, cashless service for pregnant women by introducing a health card, that will be linked through Aadhaar.

Here is a news-cut from The Times of India newspaper.

— Source: TOI