Google recently added a new feature to save images you searched on Google Images for your future use or reference. This is basically a image bookmarking feature provided by Google.

If you want to quickly store some images you searched and later check them out, then this would be a nicest feature you can have. You don’t have to store the links on your notes or anywhere else. Just clicking a button, Google will store it for you. So, here is how you can do it.

To have this feature you must logged in any of your Google Account. The image links will be saved over your account.

Step 1: Search of any images you want on Google Images.

Google Image Search.png


Step2: Next click on any image for a preview and you may want to save the reference and click on the new “Save” button on the right.

Google Image Search Save.png

Step3: You can view saved images anytime by clicking “View Saved” or visiting:

You can also tag your images to better organize them at saved images page. Just select image(s) and click tag icon on the top right corner. Find all tags by clicking the tag filter icon on the left.

Google Image Search Saved Images & Tags

I think you have understood everything of the new Save feature in Google Images and how to use it. If you have any suggestion or just want to share your views comment under this.